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Bitterness is poison

As humans, we are social creatures, even if the introvert in me wants to argue that point until the cows come home (which would be a really long time considering I don’t have cows). And as social creatures, being bitter toward another isn’t a natural state for us to be in, yet many of us […]

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It’s been awhile

I’ve been silent awhile… curled up and tucked in to process happenings and events that have taken place in my life over the last couple of years. These are things that I dealt with on some level – even many levels – as they happened, but later found myself still not feeling settled around, and […]

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Be here now – A Word About Mindfulness

Live in the moment

Staying present. Mindfulness. Living consciously. Whatever you call the concept, here’s what I’m going to tell you about it… ​First, defines mindfulness as, “The state or quality of being mindful or aware of something.” It’s hard as heck to do. Especially so for a worry-prone control freak who wants always to be prepared and […]

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Love Isn’t About Having

When I was younger, I was a little obsessed with the “Love Is” characters of the 70s. I remember in elementary school I had this hot pink notebook with the characters on it and it was one of my most prized possessions at the time. I didn’t grow up in a household where love was […]

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Thanks but no thanks

Recently I’ve had a few occasions surface where my doctors gave me a prescription for Norco to help control pain. Each time has left me scratching my head and wondering, why? Why would someone hand me a prescription for Norco when they have information right in front of them that I’m allergic to acetaminophen? (Acetaminophen […]

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