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Thanks but no thanks

Recently I’ve had a few occasions surface where my doctors gave me a prescription for Norco to help control pain. Each time has left me scratching my head and wondering, why? Why would someone hand me a prescription for Norco when they have information right in front of them that I’m allergic to acetaminophen? (Acetaminophen […]

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How To Have Your Best Year Ever

Ok, it’s that time of year where everyone wants to tell you what you simply MUST be doing to make this your best year ever. Or, that now is the time to discover your true purpose. Blech! I’m not sure I can even count high enough to touch on all of the offers that have […]

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Keys to keeping an open heart

Keeping an open heart is one of the foundational pieces of living a happy life. It’s not always easy to manage though. In this “information in an instant and always on” age we now live in, we are bombarded daily with the negative messages such as fear, anger, lack, etc. so it’s easy to understand […]

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Stop being a doormat

It’s no coincidence that a large percentage of those with chronic illness – or cancer have a history of being people-pleasing doormats. These are the cases you hear about where you are scratching your head in wonder over how it happened to them, of all people. They are healthy and strong. In fact, they are […]

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