Life Balance

The concept of life balance is one that is often misunderstood.

When you look at it as it’s usually presented, it can certainly make you feel inadequate or doomed to be a failure for all the days of your life.

Most commonly you’ll see this neat, tidy little pie chart with the sections equally sliced as designated as follows.

  • Career
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Physical Activity
  • Home Cooking
  • Home Environment
  • Relationships
  • Social Life
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality
  • Confidence
  • Education

These are from the chart that I received in my holistic health coach training. It’s also the one that I used with my health coaching clients when I believed I knew what I was doing (before cancer taught me that I really didn’t *know* sh&t back then.)

Sometimes there aren’t as many categories, but the concept is the same. You’re supposed to put a little dot in the pie section to indicate how you’re doing in each category. Then you connect the dots and if you have a perfect circle… well gold star for you! You have a balanced life.

However, if you’re a typical human, you’ll quickly see how you’re failing miserably at leading a balanced life, and then you’ll feel worse about yourself than you did before.

Don’t buy nonsense like this! It’s utter crap.

While it’s true that you (and everyone else) needs balance in your life, it doesn’t come by being obsessive over “life balance.”

Life balance is a relative term. It means that “you” are allotting time to do the things that “you” want and need to do for “you” to feel healthy and happy.

There is no set standard that you must meet. There’s no instruction manual to tell you how much time to allocate in each category (or even what those categories are for your ultimate life).

All that matters is that you are living the life that you want to live – not the life you “should” live or “should” want or “should” be happy in – but the life that you love to wake up in every single day.

Maybe you don’t know what that is yet. Maybe you’ve only gotten as far as, “Well, I just know it’s not this.” And that’s ok too. It’s a start, and that’s all that is needed to begin creating something new and wildly better.

I am passionate about helping others achieve the balance that they want in their lives and taking them from “Not this!” to “YES, THIS!” You can start by taking a nice relaxing bath with either…

Stress Away
Peace & Calming
or even the simply perfect Lavender

No matter where you are starting from, or what has happened, you CAN create a happy, fulfilling, abundant, healthy, technicolor life for yourself. I’d love to be your guide.

Where to start? Contact me here, and let’s talk.

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