Hope, Faith and Love

Never lose sight of hope and faith

Recently there was a horribly tragic situation in my neighborhood, and many hearts were broken.

As bad as the situation was, there was no bad guy. Blame was assigned by logic and default – there was someone present at the scene of the “crime, ” but there was truly no wrongdoing, no ill intention, not really even any bad judgment. But something bad happened anyway.

This person in the “blame” position was doing everything possible to bring about a positive outcome, but things were mostly out of anyone’s control. They still didn’t give up, they went through the motions anyway. They turned over every stone, they believed, and they refused to accept anything but a positive outcome.

The people who were “offended” readily accepted the only fate that was conceivable to them when the bad thing happened. Each day that passed further cemented their belief in that reality. They aren’t bad people; they were simply dealing with the situation based on what their life experience had conditioned them to believe. There wasn’t another option to consider.

There’s not a day that has gone by since the inconceivable thing happened that I haven’t felt strongly, intended intensely, pleaded desperately and demanded furiously that God deliver the miracle that needed to be delivered in this situation. It was the only acceptable outcome to me.

Was I trying to push God into doing things my way? Did I think that I could overturn fate? Did I think that I could somehow affect a different outcome than what the Universe intended?

No, absolutely not. Not only do I know that none of these are possible but even if they were, and I had that kind of power, I wouldn’t use it. Why?

I trust. I believe. I KNOW that anything is possible. My life has been “glittered” with miracles since I was a young child. I remember them all vividly because each one of them was life-altering. In fact, I owe my life to a few of them.

Tonight, everyone in my neighborhood got a miracle. The wronged thing in now righted.

I have to believe that some lives are forever changed. There are people who haven’t had a relationship with miracles in the past, and now they do.

My heart feels lighter. It feels fuller – overflowing in fact. I can breathe better, I can’t stop smiling, and I can’t stop crying.

All this because with each miracle I am blessed to experience in any way, I’m taken back to the memories and emotions of all the others that I’ve received in my life, and the gratitude is overwhelming.

The point of all is this is to point out – or remind you – that this is life and life can be unpredictable.

Life involves good things and bad things. No matter how much you work to avoid the bad things. No matter how careful you are. No matter how many right things you do. No matter how many right actions you take, things can still go wrong, and you can be facing a challenge you never saw coming and one you aren’t prepared to deal with.

It’s in times like these that you have to dig deep and focus on the hope and the faith that things will work out for the higher good of all involved.


That message is so important to me that I have a tattoo to remind me of it. You just can not imagine what is possible when you are swallowed up by fear or pain. And you don’t have to imagine it.

All you have to do is stay connected to hope and faith, surrender into that, take the inspired action that you can take, and allow yourself to be supported by forces you aren’t even aware of.

Hope and Faith will lead you through the darkest nights if you hang on to them. Miracles happen every single day. Even if you’ve never seen one, they CAN happen for you too. Never say never and never give up.

If grief is prominent and blocking your hope and faith, try Cypress to support more stable feelings. If you just can’t relate to hope and faith from where you are now, try the blend Believe – you can borrow its energy and frequency until yours comes back.

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