Why me?

On Knowing Why

Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned. Even when you’ve followed all the rules and done everything right, you can still find yourself blindsided by life events that you never saw coming or didn’t think were even possible.

The first place we go when this happens is straight to “Why World.”  But “Why World” is exactly the wrong place to go.


Because it will keep you stuck in the muck and cause you to sink deeper still.

When we ask why, we are really asking two questions.

  1. What caused this? and
  2. Why did it happen… TO ME?

Asking this question causes you to feel like a victim and that’s not going to help you now or ever.

While it may be true by definition that you actually ARE a victim, taking on that role will not help you.

Do you wanna be happy or would you rather be right? ~Dr Phil

Look, if you want to or need to be in that role awhile – if it serves you in some positive way, then be there. I’ll give you the hall pass. But as soon as you realize that the role actually feels like crap, then let’s talk about letting it go and getting you into a different, more empowering – position so you can start to heal and create your new normal.

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