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Finding Meaning In the madness

It’s time…

Here you will find articles and resources designed to help you break free from the limiting beliefs, patterns, duty, and expectations you been surviving under so you can course-correct and begin to live YOUR best life – the life you were always meant to live. For some, this may require radical change. For others, it will be a series of small adjustments. In any case, every step you take is worth whatever it takes.

What this site is about...

Many of the lessons we learned as we grew up made us responsible little rule-followers who knew how to please and never be a burden to others. We knew the “shoulds” and “should-nots” and how to earn the praise that felt so good. But one day, we realized that we’d lost ourselves along the way – we’d lost the connection to our soul – it’s time to get it back.

Why it matters

When our soul is longing to reconnect with us, we’ll feel the nudges. If we ignore them, they will get stronger. Your soul’s longing and your heart’s desires will not go away, nor will they sit silent forever. Trying to deny them will inevitably invite challenge, heartache, crisis, illness, etc. into your life. A dark night of the soul is what we experience when we’ve been living in denial for far too long.

Find Your Voice, Preferences & Place of Strength
Support for REleasing Trauma | Managing Chronic Illness & Life CrisEs | Holistic wellness
Shed Limiting Beliefs | Break Upper Limit challenges
Learn how to rely on your intuition to guide your decisions & actions

Maybe you’ve wondered…

Is this all there is to life?

You reach a point in your life when you have to wonder why you are here. You know you’re a unique being, you know your very existence must have a purpose but you’re just not sure that you know what it is. You’ve probably taken every quiz and questionnaire you’ve found just trying to get a better understanding of who you are, why you are here, and what you’re meant to do with that.

All you know for sure is that you’re not living what you feel is your best life… yet, anyway. Quite often we find ourselves here in this stuck space without even realizing that we have some buried trauma, beliefs, or patterns that are to blame and by identifying and releasing them, we’re able to find our way free to choose something new and different. 

“It’s hard to even describe what it’s like working with Deb. The first word that comes to mind is magical. In just our very first coaching session, I received such wisdom and guidance and experienced countless aha! moments. I felt safe, supported, understood and deeply cared for. Deb’s practical, real world teaching approach gives me the tools needed for deep transformation and growth. I walk away feeling centered, grounded, focused, calm, joyful, empowered and confident. Deb is incredibly aligned with her higher self and passes that onto her clients. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars studying and working with some of the most well-known teachers and coaches, and yet, everything I learn from Deb is brand new information and a fresh perspective to enable me to truly rise up, feel free and embrace my own magnificence. She has given me so many gems of knowledge to take my business and my entire life experience to new heights. My heart feels so full and grateful thanks to Deb’s insightful coaching. I can’t recommend her enough regardless of what you are going through or want to achieve.”
Kate Eckman, TV host, model, inspirational speaker & author

The Latest From The Blog

Thanks But No

Thanks But No

On my healing path, there have been occasions when my doctors gave me a prescription for Norco to help control pain. Each time has left me scratching my head and wondering, why? Why would someone hand me a prescription for Norco when they have information right in front of them that I’m allergic to acetaminophen? (Acetaminophen is in Norco in...

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Love Is…

Love Is…

When I was younger, I was a little obsessed with the “Love Is” characters of the 70s. I remember in elementary school I had this hot pink notebook with the characters on it and it was one of my most prized possessions at the time. I didn’t grow up in a household where love was freely expressed and shown frequently. Warm fuzzy hugs and cuddles...

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Right Here Right Now – On Mindfulness

Right Here Right Now – On Mindfulness

Staying present. Mindfulness. Living consciously. Whatever you call the concept, here’s what I’m going to tell you about it… First, defines mindfulness as, “The state or quality of being mindful or aware of something.” It can be hard as heck to do. Especially for a worry-prone control freak who wants always to be prepared and never...

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