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About Me

The woman behind the curtain

Here’s what you ought to know about me…

My mission – or purpose – in this life is to make others’ lives easier by helping them find solutions to the problems or challenges that hold them back from living the life they want. 

I’m a problem-solving Superhero, Post-Cancer Thriver, Life, Wellness & “Know Your Options” Coach, Visionary, Intuitive, Energy Healer, Transformational Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach well versed in plant based medicine, Essential Oil Superhero (seriously, these play a crucial role in keeping me well)… and I’m the owner of In Credible Hands, where I’m a smarty pants copywriter, SEO specialist and online business & marketing consultant.

In a nutshell, I support people with their “stuff” and through their challenges.


My Story

Debbie Rebar, Certified Life & Wellness Coach, Transformation Specialist

My passion is helping others make their way through – and back from – crisis, chronic illness or cancer. I have personally experienced all of these, up close and personal, more than once. They rocked me to my core and shattered me into pieces. Pieces that I couldn’t even let others see.

I will tell you that dealing with either one of these can break you down to something you don’t even recognize as yourself.

Dealing with more than one will alter everything you thought you knew “for sure.” It can make you question the very reason for your existence, and even whether or not you want to stay here in this life.

I believe you do, or you wouldn’t have found your way here.

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My latest healing journey was hell (this one was from a rare aggressive beast named cancer). Only a few people had any idea of the struggle that I endured daily for about three years. It was a major “dark night of the soul” (not my first, but by far the worst).

I was as much of an isolated hermit as I could get by with (though a highly functioning one). It had become too hard and too painful to be the “me” that I wanted to be, and the “me” that people expected me to be… and I just couldn’t pretend anymore.

Most days, things were too real and too raw for me to cope with outside of my own personal little world.
I knew all along the ‘why’ behind all of this, but I couldn’t find the right ‘how’ to get me through it and back up on my feet. Where I thought, and trusted, that I could find support, there was none. There probably were places where I could have received support, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask.
When I mustered the courage to ask my oncologist for direction on finding psychological support (for my particular situation), they refused to even give me a name of someone without first coming in for an appointment. I felt like they flat out didn’t care if I died. And they probably didn’t. After all, I wasn’t a glaring success story for them. They weren’t going to put my picture up and say look what we did and they knew I likely wouldn’t be back for more, so why would they care? I was an “oops” that they didn’t want to be reminded of.

If I was a suicide risk – and they should have felt that I was – that would have been my last day.
But thankfully, their flippant attitude toward what I felt was a life and death situation pissed me off – it gave me strength. I was appalled at the way the situation was handled, and I realized that if I was treated that horribly, I wasn’t the only one.

Something had to change. I had to find answers.
I had to find my way out of this dark, scary place.

And, I did.

Though it was the hardest, longest battle I’ve ever fought, I found my way out and on to a vibrant, happy, inspired and fulfilled life. A life I’m thrilled to wake up in every morning. I feel fully alive – more alive than I’ve felt since September 20th of 2012 and here’s what I know from the deepest depths of my being…

I don’t want another single soul to ever feel the way I felt.

If any of my story feels familiar, or if you know you are suffering and have been mostly silent about it, or you have become comfortably numb and want to change that, I would like to help you find your way to a new, fulfilling life ahead.

It doesn’t matter what got you to this point where your life feels so empty, painful, meaningless, worthless, hard, blah, etc. What matters is that you found your way here and I can lead you through the dark into the lightest light you’ve ever known.
Random tidbits

I am… A fiercely independent woman / mama bear, a daughter, a sister, a mom, a friend, an ex-wife (more than once), a smarty pants know-it-all (a.k.a. – a genius… don’t laugh, it’s for real!) business owner, and a lover of good coffee (life is too short for bad coffee), jeans, tie-dye, t-shirts, going barefoot in the grass, singing in the car (I don’t care if the windows are down but others certainly might), dancing badly, talking (or arguing) with God in the shower, learning everything, giving others a leg up, exploring, unplanned adventures, plotting how to save the world, and not cleaning up the kitchen. It’s common for me to pen 1000 articles to only publish 2. I have a mild addiction to creating websites for myself but then tearing them down again. I refuse to finish a poorly written book – I’m more comfortable leaving something undone than wasting my time.

I’m an INFP Aquarian with Sagittarius rising and a Capricorn moon. My top 5 strengths according to Gallup are: Developer, Connectedness, Learner, Achiever, Responsibility.

My deepest, truest passion is causing people to think outside their box. So they can see possibilities they may not even be able to imagine. I believe this serves the world by developing greater empathy and passion which are things we definitely need more of.

My personal mantras

I Matter, I Can and I Will!

And, I would love, Love, LOVE to know more about you, let’s connect and see how our paths might intersect!

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