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Sometimes a fight for your life leaves you with battle wounds and broken pieces… it only makes sense that it would. Rarely does anyone escape any battle without some scars and this is no different.

What it doesn’t change is who you are and your value and contribution as a human being.

Some people will want to remind you of your broken pieces and how you don’t measure up anymore. During times like these, what I want you to remember is that this is merely what they see with their limited vision. Oh, and it’s not your problem, it’s theirs. It speaks volumes about them but says nothing about you. It’s also likely not personal. It’s more a reflection of the deep wounds that they carry within them.

However, while the opinions of others doesn’t say anything about you, it does say something TO you. It says that this person cannot be part of who you surround yourself with on your healing journey. It means that this person isn’t the one (or even one of the ones) who can have your back or be the safe place you need to fall during those weaker moments you will find yourself navigating occasionally.

The truth is…

You don’t need the person who looks at the broken pieces and reminds you of, and pines away for, the old picture they have of you. No, you need the person who looks at those broken pieces, smiles with a most sincere glimmer in their eyes, and says, “Wooo Hooo baby, this is perfect!” Let’s make some beautiful new art together! I’ll get the glue!

So, while some can only see broken pieces, others see a way to make something new and beautiful. Love those creative ones who are running for the supplies; keep them near.

Also, love those who can only see the brokenness, BUT release them from any role on your care team and don’t expect more from them. You’ll find this simple little adjustment to your expectations can make all the difference in the world to your emotional well-being.

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