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Ok, it’s that time of year where everyone wants to tell you what you simply MUST be doing to make this your best year ever. You must have a word or theme of the year… Or, that now is the time to discover your true purpose. Blech!

I’m not sure I can even count high enough to touch on all of the offers that have flooded my inbox over the last 45 days or so. I’m clearly not the only person feeling this disdain.

It’s a little insane how desperately internet marketers, coaches, gurus, energy workers, etc. play up – or prey on – the old Fear Of Missing Out (or FOMO) that people are so susceptible to. I’ve been in ‘the business a very long time… I know what’s behind the curtain, so to speak).

Today, I’m going to spill some beans about all those things that you MUST do – and buy – lest you become a miserable failure of a person and a total waste of space in the universe AND it won’t cost you anything.

Spoiler Alert: You don’t have to do any of these things to have your best year ever.

But what about that purpose thing? Here’s what I can tell you about that.

Your life means something.

You aren’t here by accident. Do you know how precious your life is? If not, talk to someone who has fought for theirs. Do you realize what an incredibly complex operation it is just to get a life created? If not, talk to someone who has dealt with fertility issues.

Your life is not a given.

The mere fact that you are here automatically establishes a purpose for your life. And guess what? That purpose is there whether or not you ever figure out what ‘IT’ is.

I know so many people who have spent crazy amounts of time and even crazier amounts of money trying to find their way to their purpose… and it’s all wasted in my humble but well-versed on the subject opinion.

First off, NO ONE is more privy to your purpose than you. Not a psychic, not an energy worker, not a spiritual channel or guru, not a shaman, not a coach. No one.

No one is closer to God or knows more about you than YOU.

There are people who will claim to know more, or be more spiritual, or have a hotline to God that puts them in the know somehow — and they’re happy to charge you to fill you in on everything you need to know about yourself.

But it’s all a crock.

They might even believe their own nonsense but you don’t have to buy it (literally or figuratively).

Still, the fact remains that many of us cannot stand the feeling of being ‘lost in life’ or the thought of not knowing why we are here and what we’re supposed to be doing while we’re in this life of ours. We fear that our life will be wasted and all for nothing if we don’t get it.

This is a crock too.

So what do you do when you’re just trying to find your way and live your best life?

I’ll tell you. Here’s the magical unicorn secret combination for having your best year ever.

1. Love more
2. Hate less
3. Cherish and respect time (yours and others’)
4. Do what matters
5. Don’t do what doesn’t matter
6. Live with meaning

Think about how you’re spending your time and make sure that you’re spending it on things that are meaningful to YOU.

That’s it! It’s that easy. Do that and you’re living your purpose.

But there’s a catch.

Many of us have been on autopilot in our lives for so long that we struggle to determine what exactly is meaningful to us. We just keep going through the motions of our day to day life without giving much thought to what makes our moments meaningful to us.

So give this some thought.

What things give your life meaning on a day to day basis?

Get intimate with those things, spend more time on them and you’ll not only have the best year ever, but you’ll also start loving your life more.

There’s always support if you need it but give yourself a chance to explore.

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